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The other main type of hormonal therapy medicine is the aromatase inhibitors, which are approved to treat only postmenopausal women. Studies are looking at whether the aromatase inhibitors are effective in reducing the risk of recurrence in people with DCIS. Right now, tamoxifen comes in two forms. While none of the women had radiation after surgery, different percentages of women in each group took tamoxifen to reduce the risk of DCIS recurrence or invasive disease, so it's not clear if this affected the study's outcomes. There were also only women in group two, the high-grade DCIS group.

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The observation that women with ER-positive DCIS have a reduction in ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR) with tamoxifen and those with ER-negative disease experience no benefit is not surprising. In invasive breast cancer, tamoxifen is only beneficial in the presence of hormone receptor expression, and in the. There was only a significant reduction in contralateral invasive breast cancer (Margolese et al., ). In the systematic review of tamoxifen versus no additional treatment in DCIS patients, there was a ant reduction in the risk of new DCIS events in both the ipsilateral (HR [95% CI ]) and.

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