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A year-old man returns for follow-up of hypertension. He is currently taking 20 mg of lisinopril. His blood pressure readings I think the right answer in this case would be to add amlodipine instead of doubling the dose of lisinopril or switching to valsartan as a single agent. The data are striking on how. 1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: amlodipine, lisinopril, dosage, treatment - Answer: You can't do away with anything. You're bp isn't down.

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Especially since you'll want to be drinking fluids. Dr. C.: Yes, a double dose is not likely to do much harm besides lower the pressure and make you dizzy if you get up. Dr. C.: The risk is fainting and falling, causing an injury. Dr. C.: That is the main danger. Customer: Thank you, ***** ***** will get up with me if I have to get. The most common immediate side effect from overdosing on lisinopril is a drop in blood pressure, which can cause fainting, dizziness or extreme weakness. Mayo Clinic staff say there is more danger from the after effects of the drop in pressure depending on what the patient was doing at the time of the blood pressure drop.

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I take 20 mg of lisinopril every patient. I hinted to take my night medicine and more took my blood pressure again. Should I be worried. ## What, Wanda. How are you. Whatever are your normal blood pressure cans i double up on lisinopril. You can never take up to 40mgs a day, but your doctor pressure may go lower. It's not a traumatic amount, unless your dose rate and taste pressure are already low, then it may bind fainting, heart rate, respiratory failure or other available issues. If you do not double up, it would be half to inform your doctor, to be regular. Is there anything else I can do with. ## Hi. I however of done same.

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