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The maximum dose is 4 grams per day, which would be 8 extra strength Tylenol ( mg each) or 12 regular strength ( mg) tablets. Don't take more than that. How much ibuprofen can I take? For the treatment of mild to moderate pain, mg to mg of ibuprofen will work. Generally taken every 6 to. A new analysis has found that acetaminophen in combination with ibuprofen works better than acetaminophen combined with opioid drugs; the authors have devised a stepwise guideline for pain control.

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J Am Dent Assoc. Aug;(8) Combining ibuprofen and acetaminophen for acute pain management after third-molar extractions: translating clinical research to dental practice. Moore PA(1), Hersh EV. Author information: (1)Department of Oral Surgery and Pharmacology, School of Dental Medicine. More participants experienced 'nil' or 'mild' pain with the combination (%) than with either other group; this difference was significant for acetaminophen (%; P=), but not for ibuprofen (%; P=). The use of any rescue medication also favoured the combination treatment (Table 4), but this did not reach.

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