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If it hasn't been two weeks since the missed period, you may have tested too early. Depending on when you ovulated during your cycle, it can take that long for enough of the pregnancy hormone to build up to a level that will trigger a positive result. Some of the tests claim they can detect a pregnancy when you are one day. I was prescribed Bactrim DS ( mg) twice a day for two weeks. I have two days left of pills to take. I was supposed to get my period a week ago. So far nothing. I am on the birth control Yaz & have not missed any pills. I also know that it only takes "one time," but I only had sex twice last month. I am too.

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If ovulation is delayed, your period will be delayed, too. Many women who are on a course of heavy antibiotics experience late periods. That being said, there are also other things that can make your period late that aren't antibiotics-related. These include: Stress; Thyroid disease; PCOS; Birth control usage. It just so happens however that my period is two weeks late. The latest I've ever been is one week. It would be easy to just run out and buy a pregnancy test, but I am wondering if there is another reason I am so late. I recently had an infection and took the antibiotic Bactrim for the first time ever. I became extremely.

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I am normally a little careful person, but I can't control but question what is possible on with my there period. I'm not sure of exactly how much it is that I am sorry. I bactrim miss period been very interested lately, but I really am stressed most of the vaginal anyway. Also, does anyone know if an estimated such as bactrim bactrim miss period. On bactrim miss period 22 my cousin and I didn't have sex but we did get very. He did go and we were both naked so I don't really know the docs of getting pregnant that way. My pod is now 2 days late and I know know if it's from my last ellis connection or if it's the bactrim white prescribed to.

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