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I've been weight training for 10 mos and would like to add a supplement to help burn fat (Xenadrine) but I'm currently on. In Reply to: xenadrine & paxil together - What would the side effects be? posted by Nero on September 16, at I currently take paxil for anxiety control. It works very well, however, I seem to gain weight while taking it. Xenadrine sounds like it could help, however, I don't know what the side.

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Ok im looking to start cutting now. I have taken Xenadrine RFA a few times in the past with no problems at all. Around 6 months ago i was diagnosed with anxiety and was perscribed paxil for it. It has been working great and i have no problems with anxiety right now. My question is i know ephedrine canĀ  Anyone taking Zoloft, Paxil, or other SSRI's? ok right now i'm on my 2 weeks off of the clen, and taking xenadrine. well the xenadrine has a warning to not take it with a MAIO which paxil is, so will it cause any severe counteractions. Well since Clen is similiar to it, should it be avoided to? And what about the EQ? So what to do?

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