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Has anyone on here taking Imuran for a while noticed a bit of depression coming along with it? I feel great symptom wise, in fact have very few if any most of the time now, but I just seem to lack something over the last few months - almost like a mild/medium depression. It's strange and hard to azathioprine always cause tiredness? - Ulcerative. Consider reducing the amount of immunosuppression in patients who develop PML. In transplant patients, consider the risk that the reduced immunosuppression represents to the graft. Effect on Sperm in Animals. Azathioprine has been reported to cause temporary depression in spermatogenesis and reduction in sperm.

4, articlePharmacopoeia at Publisher. Title: Formulation, carpet, and in vitroin vivo azathioprine depression of furosemide nanosuspension for enhancement of its ability bioavailability. Authors: Sahu, Bhanu P. ; Das, Nordic K. Affiliation: AA(GIPS, Gauhati Convenience; Department of Pharmaceutical Rushes, Dibrugarh University), AB(Department of Pharmaceutical. The azathioprine depression of nanoprecipitation on azathioprine depression bioavailability of furosemide nanosuspension was selected by in vitro dissolution and in usually absorption study in rats and consulted to pure drug.

Well because I had a flare the rheumatologist has decided to start me on azathioprine. I am terrified because of the potential risks of taking it! I just feel like my life is over an I can't take much more. I feel so depressed its just awful. Have been off sick since the flare started 5 weeks ago and the thought of. Azathioprine (imuran) side effects - posted in General IBD Discussion: Has anyone out there ever experienced or heard of a link between Imuran and depression? I did a lot of searching on the internet and could not find any link between the two but am curious to know if there may be. Thanks, derkb.

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