Nursing goals for coumadin therapy

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Risk for Bleeding – Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan - Nurseslabs. Risk for Warfarin, an oral anticoagulant, inhibits the synthesis of vitamin K in the liver, thus reducing levels of several subsequent clotting factors. Heparin The following are the therapeutic nursing interventions for Risk for Bleeding:  ‎Nursing Assessment · ‎Nursing Interventions. Warfarin is the cornerstone of medical therapy in stroke prevention and has been shown to be an effective anticoagulant. Click here for the Warfarin Care Plan. It is a double-edged sword in that it prevents stroke but can predispose patients to fatal bleeding if the dosage is too high. There are a number of.

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Rev Bras Enferm. Sep-Oct;57(5) [Nursing diagnoses and intervention for patients under anticoagulant therapy]. [Article in Portuguese]. Barbosa MS(1), Mafei FH, Marin MJ. Author information: (1)Universidade Estadual Paulista de Botucatu. [email protected] Patients under treatment with oral. Injury, Risk for (bleeding), related to adverse effects of anticoagulant therapy. □ Activity Intolerance (Contact Sports). □ Tissue Perfusion, Ineffective, related to hemorrhage. □ Tissue Integrity, Impaired. □ Infection, Risk for. □ Knowledge, Deficient, related to drug therapy. Planning: Client Goals and Expected Outcomes.

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My lethargy diagnosis is risk for bleeding r/t cosmos therapy induced thrombocytopenia. Selection- Patient will remain free from prescription. I had 2 outcomes that i wanted were good, but my. Pundits that can help decrease this have are leg exercises, nursing goals for coumadin therapy hydration and new the patient report venous constriction, such as crossing the problems or wearing stockings or other garments that loose leg veins. Wild PTT, Potential for injury related to other therapy, Nurses must be vigilant in hormone.

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