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First of all let me say I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I do have some medical training as a CNA. But the majority of my knowledge on this particular matter comes from personal experience, as unfortunately I've struggled with ear infections and issues for going on 30 years now. The suggestion that this. Lo has his first ear infection, in fact he has it in both ears. The Dr prescribed amoxicillin, ml 3 times a day. Has anyone ever treating an ear infection with amoxicillin? Anything I should look out for? Did it work for your LO?t.

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My 14 month old started Antibiotics 2 days ago for his first ear infection. His fever is - As long as we're alternating Motrin/Tylenol every 3 hours his fever stays down, however, as soon as we let it wear off it's back up to degrees. Shouldn't the fever be breaking by now, after 2 days of antibiotics? Infections in the ear can be caused by bacteria, moisture, a virus or fluid buildup. Most ear infections are painful and cause a temporary loss of hearing in the affected ear. For bacterial infections antibiotics work very well and usually start to provide relief within a day. The most common types of antibiotics given for ear.

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