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A Moderate Drug Interaction exists between Ativan and Cymbalta. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction. Do not combine Cymbalta and Ativan together without your doctor's approval and supervision. This eMedTV page further discusses drug interactions with Cymbalta and Ativan, including the potentially serious and life-threatening complications that may occur.

Ativan. Interactions. Might I avoid certain foods while taking Ativan. Ativan may interact with the aggravating foods: Most Produce: A change in your physician, medicine, or behavior is likely to be necessary. Little consult your doctor or aspirin. AVOID ETHYL Cymbalta and ativan. Cymbalta and ativan eat right before bedtime.

My doctor wants me to take 60mg once per day of Cymbalta. I take 1 Ativan in the am and 2 at night. I have taken 5 days of Cymbalta and have been. All I can say is that it makes it bearable but the pain is still there. I dont take Ativan but I have taken, and quit, Cymbalta\Paxil\EffexorCR\Strattera\Lyrica\Prozac. The side effects did not affect me too much but eventually I get to a point where I get tired of taking drugs that are not helping the problem (chest pain). So I think I can.

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