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I have been taking ibuprofen (responsibly) and it's really amazing how much it shrinks the swelling and numbs the pain (which contributes for the cyst being on my mind all the time). Obviously I can't continue eating ibuprofen daily. I was wondering: would the ibuprofen delay / slow the process of the cyst'sĀ  Ice, ibuprofen, and BP? battling a cyst. ADVICE. Heard it reduces the inflammation and causes them to clear faster. Anyone ever used Ibuprofen for this reason?

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Doh ā€“ that totally makes sense ā€“ a few Advil's will help with the pain and can help reduce swelling as well. Ice it down. Soon after the ibuprofen suggestion, I had an epiphany ā€“ ice is great for pain and swelling! Let's ice my jaw line (where my cystic pimples like to hang out) and see what happens. I know this is not a very appealing treatment, but I suffered with cystic acne for years and have had many a shot in the face. It is a quick fix Take 2 ibuprofen orally, as well. This will only use a concealer (i know they're not perfect, but it will help) or a bandaid until you can get to your dermatologist. i hate it.

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