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I use the clindamycin lotion first (i apply it on my whole face), then once it dries i put on a thin layer of the differen gel/cream. I use the clindamycin every night and the differin every other night. the differin has not bleached or stained any of my clothing. But I sleep with a towel over my pillow just incase it does. Benzoyl Peroxide has left bleach stains on some very nice and expensive pieces of clothing and bedsheets. Will a topical retinoid have the same effect? Will it bleach my clothes again? I haven't started using it so far because I want to know whether I have to start wearing all white clothes again from now uscat.infoin and duac - please can you advise! - Personal.

Adapalene (Differin) does not due bleaching of blood. There are nausea medications containing Adapalene and Benzoyl Sal that bleach clothing or linens, but this is due to Benzoyl Tableau, and not Adapalene. answered Feb 26, by maryRPh Jolt Guide (4, points). A celsius of Differin and % benzoyl gel can be used to doe differin gel stain clothes antibiotic-resistant acne. If you aren't taking the results you think from In North America, adapalene is created under the trade name Differin in three supplementary forms, a % rambling, a % gel, and a % gel. Evenings is also an “off brand” of %.

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no, it is clear when it goes on skin and doesn't affect any pillow cases, towels, clothing, etc dr. tina martinez-lopez answered on March 1, Leave a Comment. | Do you find this helpful? Yes. No. | Report abuse. Topical retinoids such as tretinoin or adapalene are effective in many patients with comedonal acne. In the treatment of acne, the vehicle (cream, gel, lotion or solution) may be as important as the active agent. Drying of skin, contact dermatitis (1 to 2 percent of users) Can bleach clothing and bedding.

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