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What effect does diazepam have on a hangover? I'm not talking about the use of diazepam on people who are suffering from alcohol withdrawal, just your basic hangover? oh and sorry if this is the wrong thread i wasn't sure where to put this.(benzos) How to not get addicted to diazepam (Valium)? Recently a couple of friends introduced me to taking Valium to avoid having a hangover. (diazepam, anti anxiety drug). I tested it out, took one before bed after a drunk night out and the next morning I felt significantly better. I could describe the feelings as lightheaded, relaxed, happy, sleepy with a feeling.

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Yea I would say Valium would help a hangover thats what i use for a bad one it stops "the fear" etc if you get that with a hangover i wouldn't over do it tho. Its sort of like why the give people Librium when there coming of drink that's part of the benzo family so a very low dose pending on size etc id say its fine  Comedown - - Diazepam/Benzo hangover after a recreational dose. Valium (generic name diazepam) is a benzodiazepine medication used for a variety of conditions,including anxiety, insomnia, alcohol withdrawal and seizures. It is an effective medication, but tolerance develops when it is used chronically.. Valium has the potential to cause dependence and can be referred to as “vallies”.

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