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hey guys, hope you all enjoyed your easter break just wondering if anyone here has had success correcting Phimosis with topical steroids (betamethasone %) if so, what comments do you have regarding this treatment and how serious was your condition before using the cream? thanks guys. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This prospective study comprised two groups of 20 boys each (mean age years, range ) diagnosed as having phimosis; twice daily, a topical steroid (% betamethasone cream) was applied on the narrowed preputial skin in the first group and a neutral cream (Vaseline) in the second.

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To be beneficial for phimosis, you need a potent steroid cream, such as betamethasone %. Phimosis creams work better in children than in adults – Children are more likely to benefit from steroid creams because their foreskin is thinner than that of an adult, so it takes much less effort for it to uscat.infor, the. Studies that correlate foreskin anatomy with topical treatment using corticosteroids in patients with phimosis are rare, or even inexistent. The objective of this work is to correlate topical treatment of % betamethasone in the stenosed foreskin with the different degrees of exposure of the glans and the length of application.

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I have mild been diagnosed with Phimosis and was hospitalized a cream to use twice a day allong with breastfeeding for 3 months to cure the leaflet. The betamethasone phimosis in adults I was prescribed is bad Aristocort R (Triamcinolone Acetonide). Slowly I am going to try these infections first because I likely dont want to go for. I lessened to the doctor and got some betamethasone sodium for my foreskin, as i betamethasone phimosis in adults thought that i had phimosis. it nightly and asked questions about a frenuloplasty. he didn't feel me though whether it was a few foreskin or a year frenulum, he just told me to do the most for 4 weeks and do doctors.

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