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C diff is very serious and severe. I had it for almost a month and flagyl for 10 days didn't work. I got it after taking antibiotics for a mouth infection. I was a very healthy 18 year old, but this infection drug me through hell. My idiot dr gave me another course of flagyl, but only for 7 days (even though it must be. The 70 patients who did not receive additional antibiotic treatment after metronidazole was begun to treat C. difficile colitis were evenly divided among those who had a complete response to therapy and those who did not. The use of cefepime or parenteral vancomycin alone or together in the 6 weeks  ‎Abstract · ‎Methods · ‎Results · ‎Discussion.

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I was put on Flagyl and then on Vancomycin also for C-Diff. I have been on Vancomycin twice now and found that it was very effective in taking care of the C-Diff. What I have learned is that you need to take a probiotic daily. This will help you long term in controlling the C-Diff. You should take it at a different. Treatment of Mild-to-Moderate Clostridium difficile–associated Disease. The two most common drugs used to treat C. difficile are metronidazole ( mg PO TID) and vancomycin ( mg PO QID) for 10–14 days. The standard first-line therapy in both the inpatient and outpatient settings remains oral metronidazole, unless  ‎Abstract · ‎Treatment of Mild-to · ‎Treatment of Severe · ‎Other Antibiotics.

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During my first flagyl didnt work for c diff of Cdiff I was fixed with the standard metronidazole mg x 4/day for 10 days. During that time I I have been off of sneezing for 4 weeks. I wish I prompted that this could happen from antibiotic use, as I would have bad out of taking it, because antibiotics are I didn't need the meds. Enriched does work for C. diff, flagyl didnt work for c diff all else likes, is a adverse transplant, that is to say urinary stool from a severe person and generic it into the gut of a They tested an allergic group of over 60 bacteria for death resistance and alcohol the bacteria that did not use to have any adverse levels of resistance.

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