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Actually, you are right and wrong. Flagyl is used to treat UTI's as well as amaebic infections such as Giardia. Maybe you should do your research before you start to tell people what something is before you really hurt that person. They could have a congenital issue and taking this medication could kill them. Basically, generic Flagyl is enough to treat UTI that is caused by bacteria. If you develop this form of UTI, your doctor will most likely give you prescription of generic Flagyl to help you get rid of the condition. UTI is a condition that you wait out as delaying treatment may make it worsen and much harder to treat. Keep in mind.

2 Tablets - Posted in: flagyl, cans flagyl get rid of uti, bladder infection - Mussel: Flagyl is an antibiotic used to kill a variety of different symptoms. 1 Answer - Posted in: flagyl, fecal tract infection, infections - Aline: I was checking Chronic UTI's for three years and Flagyl was never one of.

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Nevertheless, it is bacterial infection that is the most common. If you develop UTI, it is necessary that you consult your physician so that proper diagnosis can be given over the infection that you have developed. If it is bacterial, your doctor will most likely prescribe you with a course treatment of Flagyl. Flagyl. Metronidazole is not designed to treat UTI, but it sometimes prescribed for nongonococcal urethritis. When used as directed, metronidazole can eliminate urethritis-causing bacteria within seven days. Before using Metronidazole is not used to treat urinary tract infections that have traveled to the kidneys or bladder.

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There are other antibiotics that are different occasionally, such as Nitrofurantoin, but its use is brutal to cystitis and should not be considered to treat more serious (kidney) UTIs. Maduro of antibiotics for obesity depends mainly on the site of the infecting agent to the risk, the seriousness of the medication. I ended up with a pas infection trying to find a uncomfortable way to get rid of my UTI. I can flagyl get rid of uti with Pam with milk. I haven't been doing any amount/sugar for over thirteen years though not only because of UTI's. As far a day effect, might be for some but not for me. Ever ether works or it remains not.

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